Water Damage Restoration Dallas

Dallas, Texas, USA

Air Duct Dallas provides effective and timely Water Damage Restoration services in Dallas TX for both residential and commercial customers.

Time is of the essence when your property is being threatened by water. To prevent irreparable and costly losses, call our experts immediately and we will clean up, dry up, and restore your property to normal conditions in minutes.

Every second counts!


How bad is the water damage?

Water damage can happen unexpectedly, bringing with it any number of consequences that can affect your daily life and your property. If it is not tended to promptly, it can also affect your health. Some household items that can be affected by water damage are wooden structures, carpets, leather furniture, electronics, and others.

Severe water damage can compromise the structural foundations of your property. That is why action needs to be immediate if possible so that damages can be mitigated and reduced to a minimum.

The kind of water involved in a possible flood event can also affect how water damage restoration is performed.

Black water coming from a broken sewage brings harmful bacteria and pathogens with it that makes it imperative to act fast and use special equipment and chemicals in order to protect your family, your property and ourselves. Specialized products are used to make sure your home is completely sanitized and free of all traces of soiled water.

Gray Water is in a way less harmful, but it is still a threat to your property as it can compromise your building´s structure and everything it contains. It can also permanently soil walls, floors and furniture if not treated quickly.


What to expect with water damage repair & restoration?

Our water damage restoration process starts right the minute you make an emergency contact with one of our qualified experts. Our friendly servicemen will provide confidence and reassurance, and calmly guide you through the whole process.

  • We will ask you several questions to make sure we can help you as fast as possible and your property is properly protected.
  • Have the following information at hand:
  • Name and Contact information
  • Insurance Information (if any)
  • Complete address where the water damage occurred
  • Approximate of the time elapsed since the water damage occurred or started
  • Known or suspected causes
  • Electric power availability

These will give us all the information we need to send the right personnel and equipment to you.

Regardless of the origin of the problem –a flood, a broken pipe, an overflown washing machine, etc.- our Dallas water damage restoration specialist are here to help you. Give us a call, and we will tell you exactly what to do to control the damages while our experts get to you.

As soon as our specialists arrive, they will be able to identify the source and type of water (white, gray or black), stop the source and start surveying the extent of the damage. This is important as they identify other possible safety concerns before they start working. Then they will move all or any furniture and their contents to safety so they can start working.

The whole process can’t take more than a few minutes as every second counts.

Water Damage Restoration Dallas TX


Is there water damage in my house?

Water Flooding is not always obvious. Sometimes it can take hours, or even days for you to realize one of your rooms, crawlspaces, or walls is collecting water. Always be on the lookout for the following signs of flood damage:

  • Cracked Foundations
  • Electric Short Circuits
  • An increase of mosquitoes
  • Peeling wall surfaces
  • Mold
  • An increase of humidity
  • Stained walls or Ceilings
  • Warped floors

Any of these signs might indicate that there might be some water buildup in your home. Check carefully for water stains and sources of water.

What can you do when flooding starts?

When you call our emergency services, you must always remember to stay calm and leave the heavy lifting to our professionals. We will be with you within the next 30 minutes and will start working the minute we put a foot in your property.

Here are some of the steps you can take while our Dallas water damage professionals get to where you are:

  • Look for any electrical hazards and try to cut the power or block access to these areas
  • Check if there are any blocked drainages, and clear them
  • Turn on any fans you have
  • Open all your windows to let air circulate
  • Collect items from tables, floors, and walls, and put them in a dry and ventilated area
  • Clear the access to the water damage affected areas
  • Mop out as much water as you can

Our technicians will bring heavy-duty equipment and handle the most difficult tasks, which include water removal, drying the spaces, and property restoration.

Enjoy the benefits of a job well done and the fastest recovery rate.


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At Air Duct Dallas, we strive to offer you a professional, timely, and cost-effective water damage repair and restoration service. We offer 24/7 emergency services and provide you with a no-obligation quote once our experts have assessed the situation. Our jobs are 100% guaranteed as all our technicians are certified and insured.

Have a special request? No problem, call Air Duct Dallas today for all your emergency water damage restoration needs!

Water Damage Restoration Dallas
Water Damage Restoration Dallas