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Your dryers’ vent system needs to be cleaned professionally every once in a while, and we will tell you exactly why. The lint that is accumulated in the filter after every load is not all the lint your clothes lose. Some of this lint passes through the filter and enters the vent system and other components of the dryer. If the dryer’s vent is not adequately cleaned periodically, the lint buildup can get to a point where it causes the machine to overheat. This turns into a fire hazard that could lead to a dryer fire. In fact, most of the fires that initiate in the dryer room are caused by an improperly maintained dryer vent.

But our dryer vent cleaning experts in Dallas can help you reduce the risk of your dryer becoming a fire hazard. Just give AirDuctDallas© a call if you notice any of the following signs:

• You sense a burning smell when the dryer is working
• Lint comes out from the vent’s outside opening
• Your drying load takes longer to be ready

If you haven’t noticed any of these signs but have never had your dryer vent cleaned by a specialist, it is probably a good idea to have it inspected. After all, it is always better to be safe than sorry.

There are other reasons to have your dryer’s vent checked by a professional from time to time.


Benefits of having your dryer vent in Dallas periodically cleaned:

Following are the benefits that you can get by having your dryer vent properly cleaned by our expert team in Dallas.


It helps you save money on energy bills

The cloggier the dryer’s vent system is, the longer the drying cycle will be. This increases the amount of energy used by the machine.

Lint buildup can get to a point where it can make your dryer stop in the middle of a cycle for no apparent reason. Cleaning your dryer vent once a year helps you save money by keeping the equipment working efficiently and maximizing energy use.


Proper vent cleaning in Dallas prevents potential health issues

Allergens are everywhere, including Dallas TX. However, it is the excess of allergenic particles and organisms that can become a health issue in your home.

The main function of your dryer is to remove moisture from your clothes. When they first go into the machine, clothes have a high volume of water. If they remain damp after a full cycle, this can foster allergens.

To prevent this, the vent system needs to be installed appropriately and be periodically maintained to ensure that every ounce of water is removed properly during the drying cycle. A leaky or clogged system can become the source of excessive allergens in your home’s environment.

When air cannot flow due to blockage, the dryer could expel moist air. Once the air condenses in the ducts and mixes with the lint accumulated in them, it becomes a breeding ground for all sorts of microorganisms.


It can help extend the lifespan of your machine

Sometimes we think our dryer is malfunctioning because a full load takes longer to dry. In most cases, it is actually the dirty vents causing the problems. As we stated before, a clogged dryer causes the machine to work inefficiently; this results in longer drying times and an overworked equipment.


It prevents Carbon Monoxide (CO) poisoning

This is in the case of gas dryers. When equipment such as this is not maintained properly, CO poisoning can pose a threat.

Carbon Monoxide is an odorless, colorless gas. These characteristics make it impossible to be perceived by humans. CO inhalation causes symptoms similar to those of the flu.

A clogged dryer vent system is not as efficient when it comes to exhausting the machine’s fumes. This toxic fumes can get into your home and become a health hazard.


It can increase your clothes lifespan

Clogged vents make the dryer’s temperature higher, which means your clothes are overheated everytime you run a load. This excessive heat damages them as the fabric is prone to breaking when regularly dried at too-high temperatures. Additionally, clogged dryers take longer to get the job done, which overexposes apparel to even more heat in every drying cycle.


Dryer vent cleaning saves you time

When your dryer’s vent system is blocked, it can take double the time to get your clothes dry. A clean vent system guarantees that you can finish your laundry chores faster and leave you with more time to do other, more enjoyable activities.

Our Air Duct Dallas experts are ready to help you keep your dryer vent clean, give you advice on what are the warning signs and what to do if you notice anything irregular.


Why you should hire professional dryer vent cleaners

It is always tempting to do our home’s maintenance work ourselves or call a relative or close friend to do it for us. However, cleaning your dryer’s vent is serious business and should be left in the hands of experts.

Dryer vent cleaning is a complex process that needs expertise and know-how.  If vent cleaning is not carried out correctly, it can do more damage than good, leading to further expenses in the future and unnecessary risks.

Dryer vents are as diverse as dryer brands are available, and each vent system has its own issues. A dryer vent cleaning professional is used to dealing with all kinds of dryers and dryer vents and will expertly know its way around yours.

Hiring a specialist in the matter ensures your home’s dryer vents are appropriately taken care of, and you can rest assured that any issues will be fixed and any hazards prevented.


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Dryer Vent Cleaning – Dallas TX
Dryer Vent Cleaning – Dallas TX