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Why You Need Carpet Cleaning?

We often think that the only reason we should clean the carpets in our home or office is so that they look nice. However, nothing could be further from the truth. Carpets are dirt collectors. This includes bacteria, mites, and allergens that could affect your health and indoor air quality. Even if you cannot see them, and even if your carpet looks unsoiled, if you don’t have it professionally cleaned from time to time, it might be dirtier than you think. These particles and microorganisms that are collected in your carpets and rugs can affect your health by polluting the air you breathe.


How Often Should I get my Carpets Cleaned?

Our Dallas carpet cleaning experts recommend that you have your carpets treated professionally at least once a year, but the frequency might vary depending on the type and amount of foot traffic they endure, and if they are soiled with liquids such as wine, juice or soft drinks which might leave stains if they are not cleaned with the right products. Additionally, they might serve as breeding ground for fungi and other microorganisms.

Some of the factors that might require a more frequent carpet cleaning service:

  • Heavy Foot Traffic: This is common in commercial and working environments. It is not common for people to take off their shoes when they visit a store or go to work. This means that all the dirt they bring from the street is then collected by all carpeted surfaces. And the soiling gets worse during the rainy season. Most companies prefer dark colors in their carpets as it helps mask the dirt and soil, but masking does not mean that the filth isn´t there.
  • Pets: Our beloved furry companions contribute to hair and dander production in our households. This makes it even more imperative to at least vacuum all carpeted areas at least 2 times a week. However, carpet and upholstery fibers trap much more than what a regular vacuum can collect, making it necessary to call Dallas carpet cleaners at least twice a year.
  • Cooking: This healthy activity releases many particles into the air we breathe and they eventually end up in your fabrics, especially carpets and furniture. Smoke, oil, water vapor, or even crumbs. All these elements can be found in carpets that are close to the cooking or dining area, and they can be really damaging if they´re not removed thoroughly.
  • Kids: Our little ones can sometimes be a bit less conscious of carpeted surfaces when they play, eat or experiment with sticky materials. No matter how careful we are, accidents tend to happen. But don´t let the fear of a carpet stain ruin these memorable moments. Air Duct Dallas has you covered with our fast and affordable stain removal service. Let kids be kids. We take care of the rest.

Carpet Cleaning Dallas TX


Why Air Duct Dallas For All Your Carpet Cleaning Needs?

We specialize in everything related to indoor air quality for residential and commercial environments. Believe it or not, carpets and upholstery in general act like giant air filters. The fibers attract and retain particles that are normally airborne. This makes them the perfect breeding ground for mites, bacteria and other pathogens that can cause respiratory problems and allergies.

Our experts have perfected various carpet and upholstery cleaning methods to remove stains, soil, dust, particles and caked up debris from fabrics without damaging the fibers.

We leave no residues, even when we do air duct cleaning or dryer vent cleaning. Many products used in the carpet cleaning industry, end up attached to your carpets. Some leave behind sticky residue which attracts dirt and makes it even harder to remove later. Others try to mask musty odors with invasive scents that can be even more harmful than dust. And many wet your carpets to a point that it causes browning or even mold growth.

We take delicate care of your carpets so they retain their colors and textures, but also stay clean longer.

  • No over wetting of carpets
  • No invasive scents
  • No sticky residues
  • No shrinkages after cleaning

Call Air Duct Dallas or send us a message using the contact form on this page to book a no-obligation quote for a thorough carpet and rug cleaning service. One of our carpet cleaning specialists will be ready to answer any question you may have.

Carpet Cleaning Dallas
Carpet Cleaning Dallas