Facts and Figure :Why One Should Clean Airduct-Infograph

5 common Airduct issues and solutions-

In America, almost every office and most of the small and big homes has airduct. By the time Airduct become a necessary part of home and office to get fresh air all the time. Because people spends 90% of their time under the roof specially office going people, so its become necessary for you use air conditioners.

Do you Know?

[toggle title=”How much a person consume air per day?”]A person consume 3200 gallon Air per day nearly[/toggle]

[toggle title=”Pollution Level – Indoor Air vs Outdoor Air”]Indore Air 2-5 time more polluted than out side which means that if you does not have effective ventilation system, you may suffer a lot.[/toggle]

[toggle title=”Your Daily Routine”]90% you stay inside the building either home or office whcih indicate the absence of fresh outside air.[/toggle]

[toggle title=”Airduct Gas”]All the Airduct release Carbon mono oxide thats why there noting wrong to say that if you dont pay attention towards your air filter system then it could be silent killer around to you. [/toggle]

[toggle title=”Reasons of failure”]90% of duct system fails due to over dust and dirt. Yes this is true, a little avoidance towards your regular job could cost you that much.[/toggle]

[toggle title=”Effect of damage airduct”]Half of allergies are because of Indore Air. So next time beware!![/toggle]

Let see the main reasons of Airduct failure.


Its been analyzed that 20% of your total airduct fresh air vanished because of leakage. Since you have superb leakage that mostly you know, you also invite dust from outside to come in and stay with you free of charge..

[alert-success]Improper Design[/alert-success]

Yes, your airduct could have improper design or might not installed properly. And because of that around 43% of it you loose according to National Comfort Institute, US

[alert-success]Dirty Airduct[/alert-success]

Either you use it or not, in both cases your airduct will goona be dirty. If air filter is not changed then entry of dirty air will have high chances. So after reading this infograph try to remember when the last time you changed the air filter


Some time the due to over use the air filter or any important part get loose and that would be bad for your health.

[alert-success]Yeah its you[/alert-success]

We all are so lazy that rather focusing on major issues we like to avoid them. That’s why 3 out of 4 issues are human made. You need to understand that as much as fresh air you get, as long you can avoid your beloved doctor.

How to fix Airduct issues

[alert-success]Time table[/alert-success]

Make a time table so that you can call some one to clean your airduct after 45 days.

[alert-success]Check Regularly[/alert-success]

Check your airduct regularly if there is any leakage or loosing, fix that immediately!!

[alert-success]Money Matter[/alert-success]
Two companies- first take $70 while another charge $250 for same. if money has huge differences then functionality of those their has to be different. Cheaper one never clean duct completely. They only serve where they can reach.

Here is the Airduct Infograph with complete facts and figures



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