Water Damage Restoration Dallas

Water Damage Repair in Dallas – Dallas Air Duct Cleaning

There are a million reasons how water damage happens. It could be caused by an overflowing of washing machine, leaky dishwashers, broken pipes, clogged toilets, break in a dishwasher hose, leaking  roofs, cracked foundation, leaky plumbing by harsh weather. Water damage affects other important properties so it is very necessary to deal with it as soon as possible.  It is wise to fix it before it creates an even worse problem. Let Air Duct Cleaning in Dallas become your hero. We optimize in professionally restoring your water damaged items fast and securely. Call us anytime and anywhere. We have the best equipment and materials to do the job. We promise to give you high-performance satisfaction in restoring your water damage and we are a member of Water Loss Institute.

Water Damage Dallas

Water Damage Emergency by Air Duct Cleaning Dallas

  • We guarantee to give you zero water damage after all repairs.
  • To protect other possessions from damage, we will cover them or store them temporarily whichever is your preference.
  • When water overflows, we will assist you in drying your things including your appliances, furniture, etc. With our water extraction truck, this task will be completed in no time.
  • Sometimes, the pads in your house may be affected by the restoring process. Don’t worry. Air Duct Cleaning in Dallas will resolve that for you. We have found the best way to dry your pads out. It isn’t wise to dry them because of their size so we will remove them altogether. Our staff will check for other damage and find effective solutions to them as soon as possible. If major damage has occurred, it will be reported to the insurance agency.
  • We will keep your property germ-free and safe. We will perform an EPA recommended microbial treatment to clean and disinfect the entire area. A pre-cleaning process is suggested.

Dallas Water Damage

Structures of Drying used by Dallas Air Duct Cleaning

Psychometrics is a process to keep moisture from contaminating possessions. It is natural for some moisture to remain in certain areas even after the water damage restoration process is completed. This can trigger contamination. Therefore, safety measures must be done.  Air Duct Cleaning in Dallas has special turbo dryers and dehumidifiers to help keep the contamination under control and keep everything in the house dry and uncontaminated. This works by dehumidifying wet moisture in the area, so nothing will be left wet.  It takes 3 to 5 days to be completely done, but it varies by the amount of damage. The moisture level, temperature, and humidity will be checked to insure its promised effective. No need to worry about other possessions getting contaminated.  We will transfer them to a secure area.

Before and After Flood Damage dallas

Water Damage Restoration

Since this process takes 3-4 days, it is wise for you to request all details to keep everything in your finances controlled. We will to give you extra information about this. When the entire process has been successfully completed, we guarantee to return everything into place.

  • Your floor and sub-floor may buckle from the water damage, but can we can repair or replace any damages present.
  • We will set your carpets and pads back in place if your pads can still be used.
  • We will deal with any further damage. We can remove or replace things like walls and ceiling tiles.

Dallas Air Duct Cleaning – Cleaning and Deodorizing

This process is an extra so you will need to pay an extra fee for it. However, every penny is worth it after all the damage is repaired, all dirt removed, and all odors vanish. This method deodorizes the entire house.