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Leather cleaning can be a difficult process and without proper implementation of the appropriate cleaning procedures, it could easily become a total mess. This is why many people seek the help of the experts. Dallas Air Duct Cleaning is one of the leading companies in the leather cleaning sector. We take care of your property because we truly care about making your life picture perfect.  We will look at your property, thoroughly examine it and then we come up with the absolute best approach for a thorough cleaning. When our Air Duct Cleaning technician arrives at your home or business to handle the actual cleaning process, they will remove the oils and dirt while your items remain dry. We then add a conditioner to restore the natural oils in the leather and bring it back to its soft and supple condition.

Leather Cleaning in Dallas

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Your leather needs  proper maintenance to remain as beautiful as it should be. The common problem is that not everyone knows how to do it right. It should be cleaned and repaired regularly to retain its luster and suppleness.  Many products on the market claim they can do this for you.  However, finding the perfect product, method and company is ultimately hard.  Some products could do more harm than good. To avoid this, rely on the experts to have it all done perfectly. Air Duct Cleaning in Dallas is here anytime you need our trusted service.


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Leather comes from animal’s skin. This makes it ultimately unique.  Each type of leather is processed in a uniform method to keep the quality high. The leather undergoes a tanning process when it is made. The problem is knowing which type of leather works best for your specific commercial purpose. To make the leather look fantastic, uniform dyeing and tanning tools are used.  It does not matter what type of leather you prefer, we are always available to help. Many of the types of leather will actually work. From top grains to the coated ones in your car, we can get all your leather cleaned to your total satisfaction. Leather easily stains, so you need a partner company to maintain its highest possible beauty for your commercial needs.

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It is possible to replenish oils and clean all types of leathers to maintain the suppleness of your leather. We will maintain the proper oil content to keep your leather in its most satisfying condition. This is necessary as oils evaporate over time irregardless of the type of leather used.  Dirt and other items in or on the leather should be removed and the oil replaced.  Stains in your leather can definitely be eliminated in no time.  Our skilled experts and strong solutions, cleaning your leather will be as flawless as it should be.


LEATHER CLEANING Q & A – Air duct cleaning dallas

My leather furniture does not seem dirty; do I still have to do leather cleaning?
We suggest that your furniture be cleaned annually. The oils will dry out eventually. You have to take it under control to keep it protected. Do not wait and ignore the need for cleaning, it will keep your property guarded to preserve its lifetime.

How about nubuck items. Can they be cleaned safely?
Aniline or Nubuck leather is naturally soft and, therefore, more prone to damage by dirt and stains. Regular cleaning is necessary for this more fragile leather type. Dallas Air Duct Cleaning helps to keep the beauty of your leather.

Can you clean the interior of my auto as well?
Yes, we can. These types of leathers are easily damaged because of the exposure to heat/cold, the sun’s UV rays and moisture. We give thorough care to it to make your car as stunning as it was originally.