Drapery Cleaning Dallas

Drapery Cleaning by Air Duct Cleaning Dallas

Here at Air Duct Cleaning in Dallas, we can deal with all types of draperies.  From just a simple drapery material to a long, heavy curtain, we are ready to clean them for you. We clean your drapes using the best cleaning process available. Here is what we offer for you:

Drapery Cleaning in dallas

  • You can contact us and schedule appointments with us at your convenience.
  • We will clean and condition all your drapes no matter what type with a chemical-free reliable system.
  • You can have peace of mind knowing your items to be clean and damage-free when you receive them.
  • Before delivery, your drapes will be pleated and folded perfectly by our Dallas Air Duct Cleaning professionals to avoid wrinkling.
  • All the items will be inspected and re-installed if requested.

Dallas Drapery Cleaning

We are always available to clean your drapes, especially when you’re redecorating or renovating your home. We will remove your drapes before you repaint or renovate your home and then return and install them in place after you have finished. If you are not ready and are still repainting or renovating of your house, rely on us to clean you drapes thoroughly and store them safely. Air Duct Cleaning in Dallas offers free storage space for your items for up to three months.


Call us if you have a problem with pet stains on your draperies.  We offer free inspection and estimates right away. For further details, call 214-997-1444.  Dealing with heavy and long draperies could be troublesome, so let us handle everything for you from removing your precious drapes to rehanging them back into place.  You can keep your draperies from having stains, wrinkles and imperfections with the help of Air Duct Cleaning Dallas.